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Previous Footwear Designer of the Year &Multi, Major Award Winning Shoes

Milly J Celebrity and Press

The Milly J brand has been seen extensively on celebrities from Melanie Sykes to Kat Von D, Boy George, Kylie Minogue and many more. Appearing throughout the press and in art galleries.


Though, here at Bridal Shoes By Milly J , it's not about anyone else, but you, nobody else shrouding your exceptional wedding day. So, most of the fabulous background can be seen on The Milly J's Shoe site.

The Milly J hand crafted boutique gsallery for hand crafted, limited edition Milly J's.

Know what's coming next through these naughty little teasers.

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Multi Major Award Winning
Loved By Celebrities
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"Wow, my shoes are amazing! How did you do that? Thank you so much!" Kylie Minogue

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Just A Handful of Lovely Comments From Past Milly J Brides

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