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Previous Footwear Designer of the Year &Multi, Major Award Winning Shoes

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We are all individuals and .here at Bridal Shoes By Milly J, we give you your reflection through a shoe, so the shoes are as unique as we all are for your wedding day. From extraordinary, hand crafted limted edition designs to highly personalised, bespoke designs that are loved by many.


The home also of the Milly J shoe accessories and named innovative by Out On a Limb Magazine and the EDP!

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Milly J is known for being able to translate your wants into the perfect shoe for you. Shoes that perfectly team with your bouquet or your dress to even your background. These shoes are more than shoes and come to life with Milly J's imagination.



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The Milly J Shoes brand is a registered trademark, with design rights in place. Infringement will not be tolerated. Thank you.

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"North Norfolk District Council is delighted to be able to host Milly J Shoes. Milly is an incredibly gifted Norfolk craftswoman and entrepreneur and we hope others will be inspired by her creations and story" - Cllr Nigel Dixon NNDC Cabinet Member for Business and Economic Development and Tourism


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Milly J is a currently shortlisted for a Luxury Travel Guide Award for Wedding Specialist.

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