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By Milly J



Previous Footwear Designer of the Year &Multi, Major Award Winning Shoes

About Bridal Shoes By Milly J


Strikingly Unconventional, hand crafted, Limited Edition Bridal Shoes By Milly J

Teasing out your best qualities  to create ANY bridal shoe for you


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Part of the Milly J's Shoes Brand and unique in its own right, Bridal Shoes By Milly J hand creates, Strikingly, Unconventionally Limited Edition and Exclusively For You. shoes that are multi award winning.


rom bling to goth, conservative to alternative, here, a shoe is what you'd dream it to be. There will never be another shoe like yours out there. Perfect for a bride who wishes to be the queen of the day.

Here at Bridal Shoes by Milly J, any shoe design is possible. This is what you and your wedding deserve, incredibly unique and personalised wedding shoes.  

The Bridal Shoes By Milly J  philosophy is that we are all individually unique and that this should not stop at our wedding footwear. Your shoe is totally unique to you and will never be recreated.

From gorgeously traditional,  ivory, satin wedding shoes encrusted with crystals to more alternative wedding shoes that are clearly you and you alone.  

The shoe collections are based on you and you as the centre of attention for your wedding day.